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Entrepreneur Initiative

The WOCF Women’s Entrepreneurial Initiative (WEI) is a fresh and unique approach to growing high potential start-up or existing women-owned business enterprises.  The key and common factor that we’re looking for is growth.  Whether you are a brand new start-up business aiming to take your product or service across the country or abroad, or a well-established business seeking to significantly expand your operation to new markets, the WEI is looking for you!
How do we define growth? 


Our general growth guidelines appear below:

  • An existing or start-up business (at any level) that desires to grow its annual sales by at least $10 Million in the next 5-7 years
  • A business that demonstrates the ability to compete and market its goods and services across a multi-state footprint and/or a global marketplace
  • A business that demonstrates the ability to create at least 25 new jobs in the next 5-7 years

In addition to the above growth guidelines, the WEI is further seeking emerging businesses that meet the following additional criteria:

  • A business that maintains or is developing a highly differentiated product or service with a compelling value proposition (a truly unique competitive advantage)
  • A business that requires private investor capital or other “risk-based” funding sources
  • A business whose leadership is open to sharing ownership in the business to further attract growth capital

The WOCF has teamed up with MainStreet Inclusion Advisors (MSIA) to offer this truly unique and breakthrough women focused initiative.  With its national network of seasoned entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors, MSIA provides a state-of-the-art entrepreneurial development platform to support the preparation and growth of high potential entrepreneurs seeking to become “investor ready”.   Your initial investment to participate in this groundbreaking effort and begin to gain access to this extraordinary network is only $150.  For additional details on the specific services and program details click the APPLY NOW link for more information.  

Your growth and success is just a decision away!

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