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Our Process

Our process is straight forward and simple. We work with the nation’s “mainstream” organizations and institutions principally engaged in the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems to understand the new businesses, projects and initiatives emerging in the collective “pipeline” of regional economies. We then concurrently work with the nation’s national network of minority technical and professional associations to enlighten and connect these talent networks to the aforementioned pipeline of opportunities. Given the close knit and longstanding networks of most innovation and commercialization processes, the introduction of new relationships (i.e. traditionally disconnected minority populations) generally requires an “intervention and catalyst” to bring new relationships to bear. MSIA leverages the live and interactive day-to-day projects sourced from the mainstream organizations, and identifies “minority talent pools” who should also be aware of and participating in such projects, but are not operating in the day-to-day working networks. We then essentially measure success one project, one initiative, one new business at a time, that absent our intervention would have likely not experienced or benefitted from the diverse talent networks in the region.