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Keynote Speaker & Event Panelist

Within the context of the emerging innovation, technology and entrepreneurial networks in regions across the country, keynote speakers and event panelists are deeply experienced individuals in a given industry or field of expertise that can address both small and large audiences at any number of events focused on business acceleration.   Whether it’s speaking to shifting trends in a given industry or marketplace, or sharing success stories that can both educate and inspire promising business owners, keynote speakers and event panelists play an increasingly important role in the emerging innovation economy – particular persons of color given the increasing diversity of America, and the need to create ethnically diverse business role models.  

Some of the qualifications a keynote speaker or event panelist should possess include:

Excellent communications skills
A passion and commitment to educate and inspire others
An expert in their field evidenced by:
Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their field, advanced degree preferred;
Certification(s) in the individual’s area of expertise;
Minimum of 10 years of directly related work experience in their area of expertise

In additional to the above criteria, other key points that are more specific to event panelists include, but are not limited to, the following:

Do not underestimate the impact you have as a panelist
Be prepared with examples, stories, lessons learned, important advice, or stimulating opinions
Be involved in the discussion – a team player, offer reinforcement or another perspective without being disrespectful, or ask other probing questions to get to the heart of the situation
Be attentive and interested
Repeat the question so that you have an understanding before answering it with rambling or irrelevant information
Keep your answers short but thorough
Stay focused, especially when you are not answering a question because there is always someone watching or perhaps taking your photo
Come early before your session and stay after your session so that you may talk to the audience and offer additional information to the topic or answer follow-up questions

If you would like to get connected to opportunities to be a keynote speaker or an event panelist at mainstream events in the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem click here to become part of the MSIA network of opportunities.