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Event Collaborator Partner

One of the most promising opportunities to more effectively connect underrepresented and disconnected populations to the emerging innovation economy is through collaborating on special events.  Too often, “mainstream” events that are packed with terrific information and opportunities are attended by a very small percentage of ethnically diverse citizens.  The same is generally the case with events taking place in ethnically diverse communities that also tend to reflect only a small percentage of the rich diversity in a given community.  To rapidly accelerate the creation of a more inclusive innovation economy, the collaboration of mainstream and traditional minority focused organizations is critical. The following are just a few additional reasons why event collaboration is a smart choice:

  • Co-branded and jointly marketed events builds trust among disconnected populations
  • The collaborative process combines different perspectives leading to optimal outcomes
  • Resources can be leveraged across a more substantial network creating a greater impact
  • Duplication of effort, market confusion, and unnecessary competition for attendance and resources can all be avoided
  • Greater value and market relevance for your organization given an increasingly diverse society

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