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High Potential Entrepreneur

Are you an existing or aspiring entrepreneur with visions of selling your product or service across the country or perhaps many countries? Do you have big dreams for your business but lack the resources, game plan, and necessary relationships to make your dreams a reality? If you’ve ever thought about running the type of business that solves a major problem in society; creates wealth for your family; and contributes to your local community by adding significant new job opportunities; high potential entrepreneurship may be your calling. As important as any small business is to its local economy, we distinguish high potential entrepreneurship as those visionaries that desire to make a national or international impact by solving for some “pain” in society that their new product or service has the ability to address. Other common characteristics of high potential entrepreneurs include:

  • An existing or start-up business (at any level) that desires to grow its annual sales by at least $10 - $15 Million in the next 5-7 years

  • A business that demonstrates the ability to compete and market its goods and services across a multi-state footprint and/or a global marketplace

  • A business that demonstrates the ability to create at least 25 new jobs in the next 5-7 years

In addition to the above characteristics, the types of businesses generally pursued by high potential entrepreneurs are those businesses that:

  • Maintain or are developing a highly differentiated product or service with a compelling value proposition (a truly unique competitive advantage)

  • Require private investor capital or other “risk-based” funding sources

  • The leadership is open to sharing ownership in the business to further attract growth capital

If you believe you are a high potential entrepreneur, or would like to learn more about becoming a high potential entrepreneur click here to become part of the MSIA network.