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Business Mentor/Coach

One of the most fulfilling and mutually rewarding roles to consider in connecting to the entrepreneurial and innovation economy is that of a business mentor, advisor or coach for an emerging entrepreneur or company.  While the terms are often used interchangeably, a mentor, advisor or coach plays a critically important role in generally assisting with the following:

  • Helping to establish critical milestones and next steps for the business
  • Holding the entrepreneur and organizational leadership accountable to agreed-upon tasks
  • Helping to set the strategic direction for the business
  • Facilitating access to key resources and networks that can move the business forward
  • Offering sound advice and counsel on key “go or no go” decisions for the business
  • Assisting with key operational, financial, management, business development, and/or other key functions of the business

While serving in a mentoring, advisory or coaching capacity obviously provides tremendous value for the business owner, the opportunity to become intimately engaged in a promising business has significant benefits for the coach as well.  Beyond the personal and professional fulfillment of seeing the assisted company achieve its goals, lucrative business and financial relationships are commonly the “upside reward” for the business advisors once the company realizes its full potential. 

Business mentors, advisors and coaches are generally individuals that have achieved some level of success in their careers, and now wish to share that experience and knowledge with emerging business owners.   Successfully growing a business, experiencing success in launching and executing on a successful line of business in a large organization, and demonstrating the passion to help others succeed are but a few of the key traits for this role.

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