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MainStreet Inclusion Advisors Services

 MainStreet Inclusion Advisors offers a range of subscription-based services and customized packages designed to assist our clients in achieving their goals and economic outcomes by connecting, preparing and engaging relevant and strategically aligned (yet disconnected) populations.


Our primary target audience consists of economic development institutions and high potential entrepreneurs. Our institutional client audience consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

* Academic/Research Institutions

* Foundations

* Business Assistance Programs

* Grant Making Organizations

* Business Plan Competitions/Pitch Nights * Government Agencies
* Business/Technology Incubators & Accelerators * Investors/Angel Networks
* Business/Technology Commercialization Offices * Minority/Women Business Assistance Groups
* Chambers of Commerce * Research Labs
* Economic Development Organizations * Venture Capital/Private Equity Firms


Choose Your MainStreet Services:  
Institutional Services (Packages 1 thru 9) and Direct Entrepreneur Services (Package 10)

  Services Description

Mainstream Entry Level Package - $1,499 per month

  • Deal Flow Support – Connect and promote organizational programming, services and messaging through MSIA’s national network of ethnically diverse communities

  • Capital Support – Connect client and portfolio companies to ethnically diverse investors and capital providers

  • Talent Support – Post organizational, client and portfolio company talent needs on MainStreet’s “Talent Connects Portal”

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(For more comprehensive services please see additional packages)


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Convening & Facilitation Services
(Connecting Disconnected Constituents)
  • Business & Strategic Retreats
  • Business Summits, Town Halls, & Forums
  • Meet & Greet Sessions
  • Vetted Opportunity Matchmaking
(Live & Virtual)

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White Label Entrepreneurial Development Programs

  • Complete web-based end to end process
  • On-line application, screening/vetting and evaluation
  • Preparation of “Shopable” Executive Summaries & Investor Ready Presentations
  • Direct access to capital providers

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4. Deal Flow Package
  • Proactive, targeted and sustained outreach to minority business networks
  • Joint events and co-branded activities with strategically aligned minority partners to identify new business opportunities
  • Joint communications and messaging through ethnically diverse media channels to create awareness and drive new business

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5. Capital Package
  • Identifying, developing and connecting minority angel investors
  • Connecting client and portfolio companies to ethnically diverse capital sources
  • Developing joint fundraising strategies targeting “inclusion oriented” funding sources

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6. Talent Package

Identifying and connecting ethnically diverse:

  • Board and “C-Level” talent to join the management team of client and portfolio companies
  • Subject Matter Experts and Executives-In-Residence to support investment processes
  • Mentors, Coaches and Advisors to support technical assistance and other support services

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7. All Inclusive Package
  • All components of Deal Flow, Capital and Talent Packages


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8. Growth & Sustainability Package
  • New program creation and program expansion

  • Identification of new revenue and funding streams

  • Access to and preparation for philanthropic & foundation grant opportunities

  • Access to and preparation for state and federal grant opportunities

  • Grant writing assistance

  • Identification of and connections to mainstream economic development partners for collaborative program development


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9. Basic Access Package - $499 per month

Customized for Minority Organizations

  • Connections to technology-based economic development leaders and organizations

  • Connections to venture capital, private equity and alternative financing networks

  • Connections to mainstream economic development projects and initiatives

  • Connections to philanthropic and foundation grant opportunities

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10. Entrepreneur Development
  • Growth Plan Development for high potential start-up or existing businesses
  • Intensive “Capital & Investor Readiness” Preparation
  • Direct access to capital providers
  • Access to markets and new clients

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