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Virtual Office Hours

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Entrepreneurs and business owners, take the mystery out of raising money.  Pre-qualify yourself by knowing the investment and underwriting criteria of capital providers.  If you’ve been denied credit or investment capital and don’t understand why, or perhaps are trying to determine if you’re ready, sign up today for up to a 2 hour coaching session for a modest investment of only $25.  MainStreet Inclusion Advisors consists of a network of former bankers, capital providers and current investors, and can quickly help you determine if your business is well positioned for funding and dramatically increase your odds of success.  Sign up for your 1-on-1 session today!
Institutions & Economic Development Organizations
Institutions and economic development organizations, tap into the underutilized diverse talent networks in your region.  Greater deal flow, capital and talent to support the growth of promising businesses is heavily dependent upon your network and relationships in underrepresented markets.  Let MainStreet Inclusion Advisors assist you with developing and implementing a proactive community engagement strategy with measureable outcomes to accelerate growth and job creation in your community.  For a modest investment of only $75, we will conduct a virtual preliminary assessment and guide you through our “community engagement checklist” to quickly identify opportunities for growth.  Sign up for your 1-on-1 session today!

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