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Entrepreneurs Apply Now For MSIA Assistance

By applying with MainStreet Inclusion Advisors, and upon receipt of your $250 application fee you will:

  • Have your business idea reviewed by a team of seasoned experts having raised hundreds of millions of dollars in investment capital for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Receive an initial review and analysis of the key components of your business including: your product or service;  target market; unique value proposition, competition and competitive advantage, business model, growth/market potential, and your management team
  • Gain access to our national network of private investors, alternative finance companies, Angel and Venture Capital funds, private equity firms and other capital providers

Should we mutually decide to move forward, MSIA will then assist you in the development of two primary deliverables:

  1. A “shoppable” executive summary structured and tailored for your unique investor audience – designed to “shop” your funding request to potential investors and capital providers to gain their interest, and
  2. An “investor ready” PowerPoint Presentation (including a live “Mock Investment Presentation”) to ensure you are fully prepared for your “pitch” and optimize your opportunity in front of potential investors

The fee for the development of the executive summary and all of its key components, as well as the development of the investor presentation is in addition to the application fee, and will be based on our assessment of your current “state of readiness” with respect to each deliverable.  The fee will generally not exceed $3,000 plus a “success fee” of up to 5% of the total capital secured on your behalf.

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