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Incubators & Accelerators

For the increasing number of entrepreneurial incubators and accelerators across the country charged with identifying and supporting the growth of some of the most promising early-stage companies in their respective regional economies, access to additional deal flow (or applications from entrepreneurs); access to additional capital; and access to entrepreneurial talent represent three of the most critical factors in driving economic outcomes.  With MSIA’s national network, partnerships and affiliations with some of the leading multi-cultural organizations across the country, we are a direct channel to promising diverse entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, and the full complement of talent-related needs ranging from potential “C-level” managers, board candidates, and Subject Matter expertise, to name a few.  Moreover, MSIA’s existing base of mainstream clients and philanthropic partners, representing some of the nation’s foremost thought leaders in the early-stage commercialization arena, further positions MSIA as a vital partner in the sharing of best practices, preparation of grant proposals, as well as inclusion program development and implementation.


Back-End Program Support

In addition to the aforementioned areas of support offered by MSIA, we also work directly with incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial support organizations to expand their capacity to assist entrepreneurs that may require additional development before they can proceed in the organization’s standard investment process.


Moreover, our web-based intake application and vetting and screening process can seamlessly serve as the ideal “back-end” support for non-profit or for-profit entities desiring to develop and prepare entrepreneurs, but may lack the necessary infrastructure or programmatic support to effectively implement their initiatives.  Let MSIA show you how our platform can enable your organization to customize its own unique entrepreneurial program.