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With a particular focus on job creation and alleviating wealth and income disparities in economically distressed cities and regions, the foundation and philanthropic communities are participating and collaborating at unprecedented levels in a collective effort to assist in the revitalization of the nation’s economy.  MainStreet Inclusion Advisors maintains deep and specific expertise in the following areas to assist the foundation community:


  • Inner-City/Minority Program Development & Implementation

  • Community Engagement Strategies for Underrepresented Populations

  • Delivering Measureable & Impactful Economic Outcomes


With the above areas representing a critical component of a foundation’s economic inclusion agenda, MainStreet Inclusion Advisors can further assist both the foundations and their respective grantees with the following:


  • Development of Customized/Outcome-Driven Inclusion Strategies

  • Supporting & Leveraging Fundraising Campaigns and Initiatives

  • Creating & Executing Comprehensive “Embedded Inclusion Strategies”


The rapidly changing demographic landscape of America, coupled with ever-widening economic disparities among the nation’s ethnic minority populations, has created a burgeoning crisis that must be addressed. Let the team at MainStreet Inclusion Advisors demonstrate how inclusion strategies “done right” can deliver the sort of sustainable economic outcomes that connect and prepare all citizens for innovation and competitiveness in the new economy.