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Entrepreneurial Support

With its team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals, MSIA provides a state-of-the-art entrepreneurial development platform to support the preparation and growth of high potential entrepreneurs seeking to become “investor ready”. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur seeking to break into the nation’s emerging innovation and commercialization ecosystem, or have perhaps “fallen out” of an existing investment process and need to retool your strategy, MSIA is the right choice to assist you in moving to the next level. We have relationships with business funding companies, credit card processors, merchant account providers and business consultants who can assist you with all of your fintech needs.

We help entrepreneurs and existing business owners properly prepare for investment capital who meet the following basic criteria:

  • An existing or start-up business (at any level) that desires to grow its annual sales by at least $10Million in the next 5-7 years
  • Demonstrates a growth profile that generally requires non-bank “risk-based” capital
  • Maintains or is developing a highly differentiated product or service with a compelling value proposition for the market
  • Desires to ultimately sell its products and services to a global marketplace

If you believe your business idea or existing company meets the above criteria and you require investment capital to execute your plan, apply now to allow MSIA to assist you in becoming “investor ready”.  

Back-End Program Support

In addition to our direct support of high potential entrepreneurs, MSIA also works directly with the existing landscape of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial support organizations to expand their capacity to assist entrepreneurs that may require additional development before they can proceed in the organization’s standard investment process.

Our web-based intake application and vetting and screening process can also serve as the ideal “back-end” support for non-profit or for-profit entities desiring to develop and prepare entrepreneurs, but may lack the necessary infrastructure or programmatic support to effectively implement their initiatives.  Let MSIA show you how our platform can enable your organization to customize its own unique entrepreneurial program.