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Academic Institutions

As the nation seeks to explore and accelerate every viable opportunity to create new innovative businesses and technologies that could contribute to economic growth and job creation, colleges and universities are participating at unprecedented rates.  Whether it’s mobilizing student groups to participate in entrepreneurial training curricula, or organizing formal research and commercialization programs for faculty and staff, America’s academic institutions are engaging in the entrepreneurial process like never before.  MainStreet Inclusion Advisors maintains deep and specific expertise in the following areas to assist academic institutions:


  • Back-end operational support for vetting and screening promising innovations and technologies

  • Development of entrepreneurial training programs for classroom or web-based environments

  • Connecting institutional research and innovations to outside diverse talent and capital

  • Supporting grant and fundraising opportunities focused on innovation and entrepreneurship


Whether your institution has a mature research and commercialization program, or is considering innovation and entrepreneurship for the first time as a complementary strategy, MSIA is the right choice to guide you to the next level.