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MainStreet Inclusion Advisors, LLC

MainStreet Inclusion Advisors, LLC. (MSIA) is a national consultancy and entrepreneurial development firm specializing in connecting and preparing historically disconnected and underserved populations for the full and equitable participation in high growth entrepreneurship and the emerging innovation economy.  This critical work is accomplished by establishing outcome-driven partnerships with the nation’s “mainstream” economic development organizations and resource providers (i.e. incubators, accelerators, early-stage funders, foundations, government, etc.), and strategically aligned (yet disconnected) ethnic minority stakeholders. The minority stakeholders and organizations that MSIA targets are those who maintain the necessary backgrounds and skill sets to immediately participate in emerging innovation ecosystems, but do not operate within the day-to-day traditional and longstanding mainstream innovation networks.  By virtue of bringing these disconnected networks together, MSIA is able to positively impact the three most critical components of any emerging innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem – “deal flow”, capital, and talent.

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